Flow Field-Flow Fractionation has been the most important Field-Flow Fractionation technique for over two decades. The world’s first commercial Flow Field-Flow Fractionation instrument, the Model F1000, was invented and commercialized in 1986 by FFFractionation, which now is Postnova Analytics USA since 2001.

The F1000 instrument was a Symmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation, where the cross flow was directed through the channel via an inlet frit at the top and an outlet frit at the bottom of the channel. Following this path of innovation the world´s first completely automated Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation was launched in 1996/1997 by Postnova Analytics (Model HRFFF 10.000). The next level in FFF science was reached when the FOCUS technology was introduced. The Focus technology gives unmatched resolution, recovery and sensitivity to any Flow Field-Flow Fractionation instrument. In 2001 Postnova Analytics/FFFractionation launched the Model AF1000 Focus and in 2004 Postnova Analytics presented the model AF2000 Focus, which are both utilizing this new patented technology. Finally in 2006 the newest member of the Flow Field-Flow Fractionation family, the patented High Temperature Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (Model AF2000 HT), was presented. Today, postnova’s proprietary Flow Field-Flow Fractionation technique is the most advanced technology available and is based on several unique innovations and patents.

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