HISTORY of FFFractionation

Field-Flow Fractionation was invented in 1966 by Prof. Calvin Giddings [1] at University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA. He was an outstanding scientist who published a great number of scientific articles and books in the area of Field-Flow Fractionation and in general separation science as well. Prof. Giddings was twice nominated for the Nobel-Price in 1984 and in 1994. He founded the Field-Flow Fractionation Research Center / FFFresearch Center at University of Utah and developed the complete theory of Field-Flow Fractionation.

In 1986, Prof. Giddings and some of his co-workers founded the legendary company FFFractionation, Inc. in Salt Lake City. FFFractionation was the first company established in the area of Field-Flow Fractionation and introduced the world’s first commercial Field-Flow Fractionation instruments. The first Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation (Model T100), Sedimentation Field-Flow Fractionation (Model S101), Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (Model F1000) and Split Flow Thin Cell Fractionation (Model SF1000 SPLITT) were also introduced by FFFractionation [2,3,4,5].

FFFractionation has been the innovator in Field-Flow Fractionation since its foundation. Over the years FFFractionation introduced many benchmarking innovations in Field-Flow Fractionation and filed many patents in this area. FFFractionation has been the main promoter to commercially establish the Field-Flow Fractionation technology and to bring it to the high sophisticated level it has reached today. In 2001 FFFractionation merged together with Postnova Analytics to form the world-leading company in the area of Field-Flow Fractionation.

Milestones in History of FFFractionation
1986 – Foundation of FFFractionation in Salt Lake City by Prof. C. Giddings
1986 – Launch of Sedimentation Field-Flow Fractionation, Model S101 Colloid Separator, by FFFractionation
1987 – Launch of Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation, Model T100 Polymer Separator, by FFFractionation
1988 – Launch of Flow Field-Flow Fractionation, Model F1000 Universal Separator, by FFFractionation
1990 – Launch of Split Thin Flow Cell Fractionation (SPLITT), Model SF1000, by FFFractionation
1994 – Model F1000 Flow Field-Flow Fractionation most sold FFF instrument by FFFractionation
1999 – Invention of FOCUS-Technology by FFFractionation
2000 – Invention of Slot-Outlet Technology by FFFractionation
2001 – Merger of FFFractionation with Postnova – New Name Postnova Analytics USA !

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